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Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives

Attorney Gardiner provides estate planning advice and assistance in the drafting of a last will and testament, durable financial power of attorney and advance directive (health care power of attorney and living will).  In order to serve you better, it is helpful for you to fill out and bring the attached estate planning questionnaire to your first appointment.  Call now to schedule an appointment to discuss your estate plan.  We are often able to provide flat fees for estate planning services.


Revocable Living Trusts

Revocable Living Trusts, also known as Grantor Trusts, are a great way to avoid probate if implemented and funded properly.  Revocable Trusts are highly recommended if you own real estate in more than one state.  Nothing changes with respect to how you handle your assets or file your tax returns.  You retain full control over your assets so long as you are competent until your death.  Schedule a time now with Attorney Gardiner to discuss whether a revocable living trust is a good option for you.  We are often able to provide flat fees for estate planning services.  


Probate and Trust Administration

In the event a loved one has passed away, Attorney Gardiner can assist with the transfer of the decedent's assets with or without a will.   This is known as Probate Administration.  She can assist you through the court process with preparation and filing of the petition, inventory, notice to heirs, devisees and creditors, motion to sell real estate, accounting and final distribution.   New Hampshire has implemented a new electronic filing system as of May 2017.

If your loved one had a revocable living trust, Attorney Gardiner can assist you with Trust Administration.  The Successor Trustee is responsible for gathering all trust assets, paying all legitimate debts, filing  all tax returns and then distributing assets to the beneficiaries designated in the Trust instrument.


Real Estate

Attorney Gardiner has been involved in transactional real estate matters for over 27 years. She has experience negotiating, drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements, residential and commercial leases and financing documents and performing real estate closings. 

If you are purchasing or selling a home, gifting to a relative, transferring NH real estate to a revocable living trust or negotiating a road maintenance agreement, right of way or easement with a neighbor, she can help you ensure that your transfer is done properly, quickly and efficiently.  Attorney Gardiner can handle all aspects of a cash or seller financed closing in a prompt, efficient and friendly manner. Gardiner Law, PLLC is a title agent for several local and national title insurance companies.


Small Business Representation

As a small business owner herself, Attorney Gardiner understands what it takes to start up a small business.  If you are thinking about starting a business, or if you are a sole proprietor and want to bring in a business partner, you may want to form a business entity to operate your business.  The most popular form of business entity is the Limited Liability Company (LLC).  The LLC provides protection to the small business owner's personal assets while affording pass-through taxation to its members avoiding the double taxation effect of a corporation.  You, as the business owner, create the terms of the business operation and management.  These terms are incorporated into an Operating Agreement.  This Operating Agreement may be amended as the business grows and/or membership of the organization changes.  In cooperation with your tax advisor, Attorney Gardiner can help you decide if an LLC is the right vehicle for you to conduct your business.   We can assist you in preparing the Certificate of Formation, Operating Agreement and any amendments or resolutions you may need in order to get your business going, obtaining an EIN as well as on-going annual reviews.